Smart Appliances: The Next Smart Home Upgrade

It is becoming common knowledge that we have the power to control our lighting, blinds, audio/video and security systems through Smart Home automation. However the next level of home automation is starting to emerge and companies like LG, Samsung and Whirlpool are already jumping on the bandwagon producing a few of the first Smart Appliances to hit the market.

Smart Appliances showed up with a vengeance at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Although the models there aren’t necessarily realistic, a few of the features that were incorporated into products stood out. Samsung included a touch screen in the door of their Family Hub Refrigerator with an app that allows you to order groceries online. It also has cameras installed on the inside of your fridge that can send you images when you’re out shopping to make sure you don’t buy duplicate items.

Whirlpool also introduced their vision for the Kitchen of the Future. It seems a little farfetched in our current day and age. Right now we have the power to connect our devices through Smart Home automation and although the Smart Kitchen seems far away we can ensure to be on top of technology of the future by installing a Smart Home system today.

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