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Summer is a treasured time of year for those of us that live in the Midwest. With three to four months of warm weather we tend to spend as much time as possible outside. With that being said we still like the inside of our homes to remain cool, which is achieved by us running our air conditioners all summer long. This can lead to quite an increase for the monthly energy bill.

The good news is Smart Home technology can help you to reduce your energy bills. Even better news is that once installed your home will do the work for you with no effort on your end – so you can continue to enjoy the precious summer months stress-free.

The following are examples of how Smart Home technology can help you save energy (and money) this summer.

Save When You Leave the House

Home-versus-away automation is one easy way to save on summer air conditioning. When you arm your system to “Armed Away” the thermostat can be programmed to idle back to save energy. When you return to your home and disarm your alarm or put it into “Arm Stay” mode the thermostat goes back to whatever your comfort level is set at.

Don’t Pay to Cool the Neighborhood

The nice weather brings outside activities and unlike the winter months we don’t have to spend time bundling up. With all of this freedom kids can run in and out of the house without pausing, which leads to doors being left open while the air conditioning is running. has a solution for this called the auto-setback feature. If a door is left open the thermostat will automatically set back – so you aren’t trying to cool down the entire neighborhood. Once the door is shut the thermostat will return to the correct temperature.

Save When It’s Extra-Hot

When the temperature hits the upper 90’s and your air conditioner is working overtime offers an option to keep your cooling costs down. The thermostat is able to adjust when the temperature outside hits 95 degrees or higher – it will automatically raise the temperature inside a couple of degrees warmer. The inside will still be much cooler than the outside temperature so the change will hardly be noticeable, until you get your energy bill. The temperature then returns to normal when the heat of the day is over.

Cut ‘Standby’ Energy Waste

To further lower your energy bill outside of the realm of heating and cooling utilize’s Smart plugs. These devices can be added to any device with a power supply, like a television, and ensure that it’s power supply automatically turns off at night, or when you leave the house. This eliminates the energy waste from leaving an appliance in standby mode.

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