New Ways to Integrate Home Automation

Voice recognition is starting to make a name for itself. For the majority of people voice recognition software was introduced into our world through our iPhones and Siri. Recently Amazon followed suit by creating Alexa. Alexa is now finding her way into more applications, including the Echo Smart Speaker, the Fire TV and soon the new fire tablets.  There are Microsoft and Google versions of this software as well. But Amazon took a big leap last week at CEDIA (the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association) by partnering up with Control4 to create a home automation system that you can speak your commands to.

Instead of having to press your scene button, simply ask Alexa to apply the “game time” scene and all of the programmed settings will do what they need to, without you having to lift a finger. The world of home automation just became even easier to experience. The only thing that remains to be see is how well Alexa will function under the pressure – hopefully voice recognition has advanced enough to be able to understand what we are trying to tell it!

Another advancement that is in the works is the ability to pair your smart car to your smart home. Just go to your touchscreen and hit “Arriving” to open your garage door, turn the thermostat to a comfortable temperature and turn on the lights. When you’re about to leave for work in the morning you will never have to worry about whether you armed your alarm or shut your garage door. Just hit the “Away” button on your car’s touchscreen and your Control4 system will shut down your home for you.

Home automation is constantly evolving and integrating itself into products that we use every day. Today is the best day to begin your journey with home automation – call our office today to create your very own smart home today!


Sources: Control4 & CE Pro 
Image Credit: Control4

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