Lighting and Shade Control

As the days get longer heading into spring and summer, most folks will be spending more time outside. When you head back in for some refreshing AC, however, consider making some further upgrades to your home, with automated lighting and shade control systems from SLH. Read on to discover some of the convenient products we offer.

Let There Be Light

Since the invention of electric light, human productivity has exploded; no longer are we beholden to the sun to get work done indoors or out, and electric light is cleaner and safer than oil lamps or candles. In the 21st century, smart technology has brought on another significant innovation: fully automated home lighting systems. At SLH, we offer state-of-the-art lighting control systems designed specifically for ease of use and effectiveness of results.

Because our systems can be controlled from any smartphone or tablet (via the use of an app), you can turn any light on or off from anywhere you choose–whether in another room, at the office, or on vacation. Speaking of being away from home: our systems come equipped with programmable timetables, so that you can program any number of lights to turn on or off automatically each day. Arrive to a well-lit home, and increase its security by deterring burglars with a few strategic lights.

Cool Shades!

If you’re looking to dial back the light and embrace the shade, however, SLH has you covered again; our motorized shading solutions allow you to easily raise and lower your shades with the press of a button. Add sunlight to a room from all your windows at once, or put the shades down to reduce heat build-up and add instant privacy just as quickly. Protect your paintings, carpets and couches from sun damage by adding a pre-set option for shades to open and close automatically at a specific time of day (or year) to prevent harsh UV rays from causing damage. And rest assured: despite being motorized, our shading solutions are fast and quiet, so the peaceful environment of your home need never be disturbed.


As you can see, SLH has automated systems for all of your home lighting and shading needs–and you can trust the Twin Cities’ top home-systems experts to install these systems with efficiency and skill. Experience our reputable service firsthand; hire us to help you create the perfect residential package to fit your needs. Contact SLH Home Systems to schedule a consultation today!

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