Get Your Conference Room in Sync

Today’s conference rooms hold much more than the standard long wooden table; indeed, they sport a wide variety of technological tools, in order for you to host productive day-to-day meetings. Another tool to consider adding to your arsenal is a Control4 automation system. Such a system will allow you to present various types of multimedia information via a single device–not only equipping your business with more impressive presentations, but also displaying them in an efficient and successful manner.

Control4 commercial automation systems allow you to control virtually any device in your office automatically. Control4 gives you the ability to have control over the lighting, audio, video, and energy in a single conference room or throughout the entire business. Improve your work environment by adding a Control4 system to your business’ conference room. Four principal benefits of implementing Control4 are as follows:

  1. Simple User Interface

Room automation allows all employees to understand how to navigate and control various features within the room or building. Its simple interface makes operating the menu very easy.

  1. Improved Workflow

Because everything is controlled on one device, Control4 instantly improves your business’ workflow. With this centralized control, your business will experience fewer delays caused by multiple remotes and cords, adjusting lights and presentation equipment, and so on. Having all of the adjustments on one touchscreen ensures that meeting time will be spent on the business at hand.

  1. Easy Meeting Relocation

Furthermore, room automation allows different rooms in a building to be synced together, making it easy to adjust to changes from one meeting to the next. Last minute room change? No problem, Control4 Systems can help.

  1. Quality Communication

Lastly, a room automation system doesn’t just provide a productivity boost to daily business operations–it shows your clients and industry partners that your business is committed to performing with high efficiency. Investing in a Control4 system for your conference room or business will improve your relationships with clients and employees by enhancing the productivity in meetings that occur every single day.


As you can see, there are several benefits to installing a Control4 system for your place of business. SLH is Minnesota’s leading provider of Control4 systems, and all installations are performed by qualified, fully trained technicians. Have an important presentation coming up? Get your conference room in sync by adding a Control4 system. Experience our reputable service firsthand; hire us to help you create the perfect commercial package to fit your needs. Contact SLH Home Systems to schedule a consultation today!


Note: This article uses information adapted from an original article by Dan Olk for A link to this article may be accessed below.


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