Gaming Systems for Your Home Entertainment Center

When you think of a home entertainment center certain products immediately come to mind. I think of large TVs, projectors and projection screens, and blu-ray players. But with the technology we have today we don’t just have to stop at products that allow us to enjoy movies. Your options to customize your entertainment centers are endless – streaming devices like the Apple TV and of course, video game consoles.

Gaming systems seem to be more popular than ever these days and they aren’t just for teenagers anymore. Young professionals go home and play video games to unwind, and although they might not admit it as willingly, I’m sure seasoned professionals are able to enjoy a video game every once in a while too. It’s easy to be amazed by how far graphics and games have progressed since the days of Atari. You always have the option to purchase the current PlayStation4 and XboxOne. But in this blog I want to tell you a few of the products we can expect to see in the near future.

PlayStation VR

As the name suggests this PlayStation features a virtual reality headset peripheral system for the PS4. PlayStation wants you to feel like you are in the action. For those of you that are all about being the first to experience something, you should jump on this when it launches October 13, 2016. It seems that it will be a revelation in the gaming world.

Xbox “Scoprio”

Right now this system has a launch date of December 2017(ish) and although promises have been made, we all know that nothing is set in stone. However if Microsoft delivers on everything they said they will this could prove to be, “the last console players would ever need”. The ability to run 4K games and support virtual reality are two main selling points. There is talk that Microsoft might be able to have this console upgrade like a PC. So instead of having to buy a new box every time the system is upgraded, you would be able to download the upgrade and continue using the same hardware.

Nintendo Classic Mini

This was definitely my entire inspiration for this blog. Nintendo announced that on November 11, 2016 they will be releasing a Nintendo Classic Mini. A small replica of the original but updated to be compatible with our current TVs. Possibly the best detail is that there are 30 games included within the system. The list of titles can be viewed here. This system is said to retail at $60 – which is a price that anyone wanting to relive the glory days of Excitebike and Super Mario Bros should be more than willing to pay.

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