Diminish Distractions: Create a Smart Home Office

Those of us that are used to working from an office building tend to be envious of the people who work from home. We daydream of sitting at our home desk in pajamas and attending video chat meetings dressed up on the top half only – that’s all anyone can see any way! But what we refuse to admit to ourselves is that without a dedicated space that is free of distractions like a sink full of dishes or family members running around the house, working from home isn’t the easy life we dream about.

If you’re transitioning to a home office or you are just trying to figure out how to manage your space we have a few tips for how you can boost your productivity while making small adjustments to your home using Home Automation.

Control Your Environment

Chances are you know how you like your surroundings. Working at home allows you to decide what temperature your office is, the lighting and whether or not you have music in the background. Instead of spending every day adjusting these elements a Home Automation system allows you to set up a day time schedule. At 8 AM when you enter your office you can ensure the thermostat is set at 70 degrees, the lights are at full brightness and your favorite classical station is playing – all by touching one button.

Stick to a Schedule

Even though you think loading the dishwasher is only taking up a few minutes of your time, that task can break your concentration and force you to re-focus for the next 30-minutes. Setting a schedule using subtle reminders to help you to switch tasks or stay focused is a great way to be productive from home. Smart Home Automation can be put on a schedule – for example if you want to start playing Classic Rock music at noon in your office to remind you that it’s lunch, Control4 can be programmed to do that. Let your home be your assistant and keep you on track throughout the day.

Be Aware of Your Environment without Leaving Your Chair

With the Control4 app you are able to access footage to your security cameras right from your phone. Did you hear a noise on your porch and are wondering what it was? Instead of getting up and breaking your concentration, check from your cameras on your phone and see who is at your door. This feature also allows you to arm your alarm on the go. You never have to worry when you need to run out of your house to mail a package – set your mind at ease by using the Control4 app to confirm you locked your door or to set your alarm remotely.

Customize Your Space

One important detail to ensure you love your home office is to design it in a way that makes you want to work. Choose the office supplies that make you happy and design the space with details that won’t distract you but instead increase productivity. Designate your space for work only – try not to spend time in there for your off periods so you remember that when you’re in the room you need to focus.

For more information about upgrading your home to a Smart Home call our office at 952-224-5450 today!

Photo Credit to Control4.

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