Create a Smart Nursery for Your New Baby

We recently found out that one of our employees from our family company – Che Bella Interiors – is going to be welcoming a tiny human into the world come December! The preparation seems endless, from showers to shopping for necessities, it can be extremely overwhelming.  Not to mention balancing work life while doing all of these extra activities in preparation for the new addition to the family. One of the most important aspects of this stage is the nursery – it’s where you and the little one will be spending a lot of your time.

It can be difficult to know what items are necessary when designing the nursery. Technology is beginning to play a large role but a few of the products seem to be more of a hassle then they are helpful. One piece of technology that can only be described as helpful is a SmartHome security system. We can help you install the system into your nursery to allow you to feel like you are in the room, even when you’re elsewhere.

Video Monitoring

It is possible to go to the store and pick up a video baby monitor but the quality pales in comparison to an indoor security camera. Utilizing SmartHome technology also means that you don’t need to carry around the pair to the monitor, but instead you can view the video feed on your smartphone. There is no more worrying about range between monitors, you are able to check in from the convenience of your home or when you are away at work.

Have Complete Control of Your Environment

Having a Smart Thermostat can do more than save energy – it can also help you to ensure that the temperature in your nursery stays the perfect temperature. There are wireless temperature sensors that can be installed on the wall so your thermostat can track the exact temperature in the nursery. The sensor can then tell the house to heat or cool the rest of the home until the nursery is the perfect temperature.

Know What Your Toddlers are Getting Into

As your newborn grows and starts moving about, contact sensors can be installed to help you know where your little one is going. Install these sensors on interior and exterior doors, kitchen cabinets, and outdoor gates.

Avoid Stumbling Around In the Dark

Whether it is parents sneaking out of the nursery or a toddler sneaking out of a big kid bed to explore the home at night Smart Lighting is a great product to avoid bumping into things in a dark hallway. Smart Lighting turns on when triggered by a sensor – whether it is a door contact sensor or a motion sensor in the hallway. Save yourself the broken toes and your toddler the late night bumps and bruises with this SmartHome addition.

To learn more about how you can incorporate a SmartHome system into your nursery give us a call at 952-224-5450.


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