What is an User Code?

How many people should have a key to your house? There’s you and your partner. Your kids may need their keys after school. Then there’s your neighbor. He walks your dog when you’re away, although you used a pet-sitter last vacation because he was out of town. Should you babysitter have a key? Maybe. If…
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When an emergency strikes at home and every second counts, fast, reliable communication is essential. It’s why every security system includes professional security monitoring and a dedicated cellular connection. Now, has released Smart Signal, a new type of emergency protection. Smart Signal gives you a direct connection to your home’s monitoring station from…
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Get Smarter Video Alerts with Video Analytics Service

Smart video monitoring is a modern security essential. With video alerts, live camera feeds and 24-hour recording options, video makes it easy to stay in the know about important activity at your home or business. With’s newly launched video analytics service, it can be even more valuable. Video analytics is a highly intelligent security…
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Preparing for Spring with Home Automation

Spring cleaning is about more than just clearing out the garage or dusting the nooks and crannies you’ve neglected for the past several months. It’s about starting anew and re-organizing your home in a way that reflects a fresh outlook on life. This impending season is your opportunity to take everything in your home and…
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What does “Powered by” mean?

When you shop for home security, you’ll see the term “Powered by” a lot. What does it mean—and why should you insist on it? In a technical sense, it means the ‘brain’ of a particular security system is the platform. This cloud technology processes billions of data points from millions of homes and turns…
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temperature sensors

What is an Temperature Sensor?

The average home thermostat is getting smarter. More than one in eight broadband households now has a smart thermostat connected to the Internet, controlled with an app and able to adjust itself automatically. However, most smart thermostats still have a big drawback: they only know the temperature of the room they’re in. Typically, that room is a…
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professional security monitoring

There’s No Substitute for Professional Security Monitoring

When emergency strikes, everyone needs help. It doesn’t matter how brave or capable or dedicated you are. Take user Benjamin. He’s all of the above. When his professional security monitoring system alerted him to a fire in his house, he ran inside without hesitation to rescue his two dogs, trapped in an upstairs room. What he didn’t need…
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Siri shortcuts

Introducing Siri Shortcuts Voice Control for

If you’re an and Apple user, your voice just got way more powerful. Siri Shortcuts for is a new voice control integration that lets you activate Scenes by talking to Siri, using customizable voice ‘shortcuts’. These shortcuts integrate into your existing routines and reflect how you naturally talk, making it even easier and more intuitive to interact…
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smart thermostat

Four Ways to Use an Smart Thermostat

Pop quiz: what makes a smart thermostat? If your answer includes the following: a) connected to the Internet, b) controlled with a smartphone app, c) changes the temperature without being told—you’re correct. Another correct answer would be: knowledge. A thermostat that knows more about your house and your needs can take smarter actions on your behalf. It’s why many…
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smart home technology

How Smart Home Technology is Keeping Caregivers One Step Ahead

The Baby Boomers have always been an independently minded generation. Even as they become senior citizens—at the rate of 10,000 a day—that’s not changing. Committed to their families and communities, the vast majority of aging adults—87 percent — want to remain living at home, for as long as possible. So how does smart home technology…
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