All About Control4

As you’ll see elsewhere on our website, SLH Systems is a proud dealer of Control4 systems. With all the attention we give this product line, you’re likely curious as to what makes it worth the hype. Read on for a brief overview of this innovative automated control technology, suitable for residential and commercial uses–and to learn how SLH can help you to install a Control4 system of your own.

Put simply, Control4 is a leading provider of affordable automation and control solutions. A Control4 automation system is custom built to fit around your lifestyle and needs. Whether you are looking to automate a single room or you are designing your dream home, a Control4 system is the ideal solution. Its broad functionality and intuitive controls will allow you to update the look of your home or business, improve its functionality, incorporate increased energy efficiency, and provide added security–all with the ability to access and control these automated systems and devices from anywhere.

In a residential setting, Control4 allows you to control virtually any device in your home automatically (including lighting, music, video, security and energy), in a single room or throughout the entire home. Via the use of enabled smart devices such as a phone or tablet, Control4 allows you to monitor your home environment remotely from anywhere in the world–and the same functions can also be controlled at home with ease, through the use of a standard included remote.

Home automation also gives you the option to create a customized program. Picture yourself walking into your home, and with one simple action, disarming your alarm, turning on your lights, adjusting your thermostat, and setting the television to your favorite channel. Control4 allows you to efficiently and conveniently control all of the systems in your house through one simple interface.

Control4 is also an ideal solution for commercial automation applications. Whether you need a way to monitor and sync your sports bar’s televisions or a state-of-the-art security system and lighting grid for your corporate offices, Control4 gives you the optimal blend of customization, ease of use, and efficacy of design.

As you can see, Control4 is an ideal solution to your automated control needs – and you can trust the Twin Cities’ top home-systems experts to install your system with efficiency and skill. SLH Home Systems is the most experienced Control4 dealer in the region. We have more installs then any other company. You will experience our reputable service first-hand when you hire us to help you create the perfect residential or commercial automation package to fit your needs. Contact SLH Home Systems today to schedule a consultation with Minneapolis and St. Paul’s #1 home-automation solutions provider.

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