At Home Assistant

As a society we are starting to understand the most common features of a home automation system. We know it can lock our doors, work our thermostat and control the entertainment system. But there are other features that can act like an at-home assistant so you know what is going on at your home even when you aren’t there.

No Show Alerts are a unique home automation feature from Using this feature you will be alerted if someone you’re expecting doesn’t show up at your home. If you need to ensure that your child or teenager made it home after school or that a dog-walker showed up to exercise your pup no-show alerts can help.

No-show alerts minimize the number of alerts you receive. Instead of knowing every time enters your home you focus on specific people who should be at your home at a specific time. No-Show Alerts can be managed right from your account at any time. So if someone’s schedule changes or you need to add a one-time engagement you’re able to do this with ease!

To do this on your personal system click here for instructions.

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