5 Awesome Outdoor NFL Viewing Setups

 No matter which NFL team you are rooting for, these outdoor spaces will provide inspiration for your next football gathering.

#1. The bigger the TV, the better. Game day isn’t complete without a nice view of the big screen — because that’s the main event. This outdoor pavilion, designed by Barbi Krass, owner of Colorworks Studio, has lots of areas for people to watch the game. The outdoor space also is equipped with high-tech features such as a projector that shoots onto a 9-foot glass screen, a weatherproof Wi-Fi system and outdoor speakers. The technical features, mixed with the various lounge areas and outdoor heaters, make this space optimal for watching football during the fall or winter.

#2. High style even works on game day. This Mediterranean outdoor space was carefully crafted by designer Mark Molthan. It packs a ton of style for stylish entertaining but is flexible for game day. Of course, it features a big-screen TV and an array of seating options. The outdoor entertaining space also has a pool, a fireplace, a bar and two additional seating areas. Whether you’re taking a dip in the pool, warming up by the fireplace or grabbing a drink during halftime, this high-end space has you covered for game day.


#3. Tightknit yet functional patio. When it comes to game day, you don’t need a lot of space to have a great time. This tightknit outdoor space is perfect for so many reasons. There are multiple seating options, including a lounge chair and a traditional table with chairs. The living area isn’t far away, and there is likely to be more formal seating there too. No one wants to watch the game alone, so having multiple seating options for guests makes this patio welcoming. Additionally, the TV, outdoor grill, wine cellar and fridge make this an opportune spot to cook, eat and enjoy the game at the same time.


#4. Family fun on the terrace. Game day isn’t just for the grown-ups — it’s for the whole family. The essentials are in place, including a TV, lots of seating options and a fireplace for the cooler months. This beautiful terrace by Garden Wise is also home to a custom basketball court and plush, green garden. What’s nice about these additional features is that they make the space kid-friendly. Whether shooting hoops on the court or playing <em>Ring Around the Rosie</em> with friends, kids will definitely feel welcome in this outdoor space.


#5. Views will be there before and after the game. At first glance, you may think this space is like all the rest. However, this outdoor entertaining area is lacking nothing. Look out beyond the balcony and you’ll see an amazing view of Austin, Texas. That vista makes this space perfect, even if your favorite team is losing. Just look at the view to keep things in perspective here.

By Crystal Holliday, Houzz

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